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Shangri La culture heritage presentation (Jan.2014)

 One week before 25 Jan. when Laurent knew that I wanted to present Shangri La, Yunnan as a culture heritage not only for China but also for the world, he invited me to present this topic in his farewell party. We made the topic as "Faces of Shangri La" to talk about my friends' life and business in Shangri La, by "before the fire" and "after the fire".

On 25th, more than 30 local Fuzhou Chinese and foreigners came to our event. Our Tibetan friend, Nurbu, who is a musican collecting local folk music around Himalaya, flew to Fuzhou to present his music and talk about his story. This is the first presentation we have initiated and completed in the public. Some medias friends came personally as well. The media from "Xinhua Press" (One of most popular Chinese medias) interviewed some visitors and us.



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