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Jasmine Tea Tour in Fuzhou (Aug.2013)



In Aug.2013, when the Jasmine flower season approached, British tea trader, my friend Chris West, who sells Chinese tea and tea set to Europe invited me to work together for the original Jasmine Tea farming and culture tour in Fuzhou in August 2013. And this event afterwards is to be broadcasted on CCTV 9 from 4th.Aug to 7th. Aug. 2014, named Tea & City.




A remark from Chris West,"On this short and intimate tour, we'll be introducing Fuzhou's centuries old Jasmine tea trade, from the foreign concessions in Cang Shan and to a relaxed canoe ride through fragrant Jasmine flower fields surrounding the Wu Long Jiang and finally to a secret 'closed doors' tea factory to get hands on making Jasmine tea. ", which well describes our itinerary.



-------------------------------------------------------- OUR ITINERARY -------------------------------------------------------------

Meet at Fuzhou Jasmine Tea company's flagship store opposite to Starbuck in Nan Hou Jie to taste this year's fresh Jasmine tea crop.

Coach to Cheng Men and 'Jasmine Island', a Jasmine flower farm in the middle of the Wu Long River.


A short tour around Cang Shan's embassy district, with an introduction to the influence of the tea industry on Fuzhou's history and development (and foreigners!).

Head for dinner (Chinese food)

A private Jasmine tea making session in Min Hou, where you'll be able to try your own hand at making Fuzhou's most famous export.




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