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A Visit to Children who needed surgeries from Batang, the Khampa Tibetan town in Ganzi Sichuan(March.2014)


By: Grace Ke

Batang is a county located in western Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The name Batang, in Tibetan, means a vast grassland where there are many sheep.




28th March, 2014, Zhaba, our Tibetan local guide, is always committed himself to helping his Batang nomads’ families and kids with their education and health care. He is the only young nomad who has studied overseas then came back and works as a tour guide and also runs a Tibetan grocery store in local area. He took the kids to Shenzhen to get effective treatment, on heard of that, Grace Ke flew to Shenzhen to visit the kids who needed the cleft lips surgeries and donates some money to their families. Now, we are very happy to know that the two kids have well recovered after the surgeries.






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