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Tang Dynasty Tea ceremony related to Zen Buddhism(Aug.2014)


August.26th 2014, we attended to China Kungfu tea ceremony which took place at China Traditional Culture and Art Institute at Minjiang University in Fujian. We were impressed by the elegant tea table layout and tea ceremonial tea preparation and tea art presentation. Mr. Cai Yizhe, Tea master from Taiwan, deliver his knowledge about Tea ceremony history, Tea setting layout with flower decoration art, properties at tea ceremony. It could trace its history back to Tang Dynasty (7-9 century AD), originally came from the Zen Buddhism tea ceremony in the temple.



And the other day we went to the temple, 20 kilometers away from the city, where we visited the tea trees grown by the monks and have tea made by the chief monk in the temple. In Tang and Song Dynasty, Tea ceremony was one kind of meditation practice. 







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