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Record about ShangriLa Culture Presentation Activity

We made Shangri La Old Town culture heritage presentation on Jan.25th, 12 days after fire burnt down the most part of Dukezong Tibetan Old Town on Jan.11th.2014. I have been involved in the Tibetan culture and life for a few years, especially in Shangri la area in Yunnan. The land  has given me so many inspirations for my lifestyle and even for Amazing China's culture image.


A few days after the tragedy happened, I got a phone from a Tibetan friend there and I felt there were great losses. Most of the traditional wooden houses have been burnt down. My friend, Amy Priestes, the co-founder of Fuzhou Expat heard the news and encouraged me to continue our original cultural plan which had been on process since we went to Shangri la and visited local friends there. But after the fire, most heritage architectures has gone, shall we continue our Tibetan culture presentation? Mr.Laurent Lebouille(Manager Planning&Support at Martinair-Regional Jet Center)came to us and asked if he could help us to make it. He cheered me by his managing talents and his kind manner. So I decided to move it on.

We proceeded this program through several meetings during the next 10 days:

Jan.16th.PLan structure Laurent, Amy and I,we worked out the structure of the presentation. We decided to pick up my seven friends who lives in Shangri la. They are local Tibetan landlord, Han woman with her new-born baby and new life, bar owner from Khampa, Young guy from Lhasa selling Tangka painting, Tibetan guy who does Tibetan herb business to financially help his nomad charity school, and the local folk song musician.

Jan.19th.Content,Audience and place I got all information about the local people' life before/after the fire and contacted with them for some pictures. Amy helped to talked with Fuzhou Expat about this presentation. Laurent proposed to put this presentation into his goodbye party to attract more people's attention and so managed the presentation space where are easy for most friends/people to go: ICE BAR at Sanfangqixiang.

Jan.21st.Format,local Tibetan involved  Laurent put all the information and pictures together to make PPT format so then we can present it on the screen. And I tried to contact my Tibetan friends who can help to present. And Nurbu, who used to be an English trekking guide for western tourists for 10 years, meanwhile he also collected, translated local folklore and folk music in Sichuan and Yunnan Tibetan area. He was so kind to fly to Fuzhou from Beijing to join us!

Jan.25th. Media and Live  The last afternoon before the show, we came earlier, Nurbu and Laurent had become buddy and they together checked the facilities to make sure they work well. Amy invited some media people to come.

That evening, around 40 people came to our presentation, involving the former CCTV French Channel presenter Nicolas Carre.  Laurent hosted whole activities: presentation and goodbye party.  And I made 10 minutes presentation about 7 faces and their life in Shangri la Old Town in English. Nurbu, showed his excellent Tibetan image by his fluent English speech and his performance of Tibetan music. Lily helped us to make some great photos for the memory of that moment.







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