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Jasmine Tea Tour in Fuzhou July18th

Did you know that Fuzhou is considered the birthplace of Jasmine tea? Jasmine flowers not only love the city's sandy soil, but, unlike us humans, just can't get enough of its hot and humid summers. In fact, Fuzhou was the world's major Jasmine tea scenting center for hundreds of years until political turmoil and rising costs left a dent in the industry. Join us–Belgian tea nerd Raphael and local tour operator Grace – as we go on a tour with Mr. Weng, arguably the most renowned of Fuzhou's few remaining Jasmine tea masters. Read all the details below! 【The tour in a nut shell】 Learn all about Jasmine flowers from Master Weng and pick some flowers yourself Enjoy a Fuzhou style dinner at a local restaurant Experience tea scenting in action at Master Weng's workshop Sample some award-winning Jasmine tea 【Itinerary】 July 18th 4:00pm Meet up at Chating Intercontinental Hotel (世贸洲际酒店) 4:15pm Ride (by coach) to Longjiang Island(the Jasmine Island) 30-40 mins 5:00pm Walk around the island and Jasmine field, smell and feel the fragrance of jasmine flowers 6:00pm Dinner at a local restaurant 7:30pm Jasmine tea tasting followed by a visit to the workshop to see the tea scenting process in action 9:30pm Ride back to Fuzhou Price:200 RMB/p.p. Activity record: July 18th. We got 25 people in a group to visit the Jasmine Tea Island and studied jasmine tea processing at the evening. Half of the groups were local foreigners and the rest were local Chinese tea lovers. Some media reported the tour we organized which including China Daily, Fujian Daily and national level medias in tea industry.


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