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Silk Road

The Silk Road is a historically important international trade route between China and the Mediterranean, with silk comprising a large proportion of trade along this road. The long and winding Silk Road in northwest China begins at Chang'an (now Xian), then by way of the Hexi Corridor, and it reaches Dunhuang, where it divides into three. The three routes spread all over Xinjiang, and then they extend as far as India and Rome. It is a significant international passage connecting the oriental and the occidental.


This ancient road has a history of more than two thousand years. From its birth before Christ, through the heights of the Tang dynasty, until its slow demise six to seven hundred years ago, the Silk Road has left its mark on the development of civilizations on both sides of the continent.


Stretching along the edge of deserts and mountains, it is not only an ancient international trade route, but also a splendid cultural bridge. The Four Great Inventions of China and religions of the West were introduced into their counterparts. Much spectacular and intriguing scenery and historic relics are scattered along this historical museum and natural art corridor. There are well-known Mogao Caves (Mogao Grottoes) in Dunhuang, the bustling Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar and exotic customs in Xinjiang and more … The thousands of kilometers are filled with cultural heritage and historical sites.

Travelling along the Silk Road, you will walk in the tracks of Marco Polo, explore the routes of the camel trains, discover the mysterious and historical Silk Road the stories, see the ruins and the classical architectures. History will come to life.


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