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Yangtze River Cruise

Why to Take a Yangtze River Cruise ?

To see the world-largest dam - Three Gorges Dam Time flies fast! When you are still hearing the debating on "to or not to" build the dam, it is already there! The hydraulic power has already been supplying cities like Shanghai and Suzhou. Come to see the HUGE dam, and your ship will cross the 5-level huge lock.

To sail across the natural wonder: - "The mighty Yangtze river and its Three Gorges has long been one of Asia's most revered and dramatic nature attractions." - by Mr. Richard Carroll Local people

Experience the authentic local people's life and culture To visit the local countryside area and see the common people's life - which you can not see in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

Great Onboard Experience Take part in various activities onboard and learn about Chinese culture. Most of the cruises provide Chinese culture presentation, staff show, and very nice food with Chinese cuisine.

Enjoy the relaxation and comfort as other cruises As the dam has locked the water flow, the Yangtze river is not so "mighty" as before. Bigger ships have been built and old ships are refurnished. Cruise on Yangtze is much more comfortable than before!


 12 Days Classic China Tour Plus Downstream Yangtze Cruise
 12 days China tour with Yangtze River Cruise (downstream)
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