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Meet our Team

Our working team has outstanding cross culture communication experience and an effective and flexible operating system.  


Grace, the manager of CCT Inbound China Tour, English speaking, graduated from Fujian Normal University in 1998, majored in history. She has guided western tourists all around China for nine years before she set up her own inbound China travel service agency in (insert year here).  One of her most memorable clients was the New York Times, whom she guided as they conducted research about South China Ocean Enviroment.

As a travel expert,Grace designs special tours especially Culture voyage and religious and spiritual research i China, tailor made to each client. Meanwhile she also loves to explore the world on her own time. She has traveled to over thirty different countries, and recently returned from a trip through India. She believes there is no greater adventure than exploring the world. She will always seek, expolre, and question, and undestand the world as it really is.

Bernard, operator of CCT Inbound China Tour, English and French speaking, graduated from Beijing Foreign Language University in 1998. He has worked for Inbound China Tours for the last decade. Bernard is responsible for company operations and guest services.
Bernard just had a baby girl so we are all excited for him as he enters the first stages of fatherhood..

Sandy Harris is from Ottawa, Canada and a graduate of Carleton University there. His introduction to travel was driving a VW van from Amsterdam to India and back in the 70s. He has lived in Iran, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and, for the last seven years, in China. He is active attributor for wikitravelchina about Silk road, Yunnan, Kunming, and from Kunming to Hongkong.

Mr. Chen Shanggeng is an assistant for CCT Inbound China Tours, and graduated from Shanghai Fudan University in 2004, with a major in international finance. His experience includes two years of financial investment analysis, one year of financial media editing, and one year teaching Tourism Culture at Yunnan University. When he is working with Amazing China Travel, Shanggeng manages the financial side of the operation, and also does theme tour planning and private tour service.


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