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Our Story

The idea of this company originated in 2005 when Grace Ke found herself guiding a group of British kung fu practitioners to Wudang Mountain, one of Taoism's sacred mountains and the site of a major kung fu monastery.
As a national guide, Grace already had considerable experience with both Chinese groups abroad and foreign groups in China, and was quite aware of various cross-cultural issues. What amazed her about this group, though, was the depth of their interest in and knowledge of Taichi practice and Taoism. Both are important in traditional Chinese culture, but some of these Westerners knew more about them than most present-day Chinese. One, an English Taichi master named Graham, laterwrote a book ”Taichi Chuan and the life code”.
The whole experience caused Grace to do a lot of thinking about how cultures interact and how guides can best serve diverse clients. Eventually, this led to her starting her own company. The name, Amazing China Travel, came from an incident during that tour; on the last night a traveller named Allan played guitar and led the group in singing ”Amazing Grace” with modified lyrics.
Grace had a lot of fun with that group, and also learnt some things like how to arrange a breakfast for Western visitors in rural China. Many Chinese breakfast dishes do not go over well, but yogurt,
breads, and tea are popular. If you can manage fresh coffee, even better.


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