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Let's rock'n roll to Mt. Wuyi for Rock Oolong farms

On Sep 13 we started our leisure tea tour to Mt. Wuyi, where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, tasted different rock tea and experienced the authentic local life.


Sep.14th we visited the Xiamei Village, which once was an important tea trading market in China 150 years ago. Along the rivers and canals, the rock tea was tranported to the next destination, then through the caravan to the border of Russia, and later to other parts of Europe.


However, the flourishing tea trade had vanished during the Opium War(1839-1842)in Qing Dynasty until 1990's Chinese market started to appreciated delicate good tea taste and tried to pick up old tea culture again. Nowadays, Xiamei Village still keep its traditional village life. As visitors, our group appreciated the simplicity and sincerity of the local life.


Sep. 15th we cycled around the mountain area and so enjoyed the gorgeous views of Jiuqu Brook( Nine- Bend Brook) wondering along the dramatic karst mountains.            


Sep. 16th we took tea route in Wuyi mountain from 8:00-13:00. We stopped by several valleys where grow different rock tea. En route, we learned about how the soil, lights, humidity, rocks, mountains, on tea. The tea trip ended up at the isolated Taoist temple where grow excellent 肉桂rock tea.





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