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Fujian Green & Clean Tour

Fujian province is located in the southeast of China. There are lush green mountains, beautiful coasts, and crystal clear views abound. It has the highest forest coverage rate throughout China. You may like to take a breath for the fresh air when you travel from Beijing or Shanghai.

Fujian has an abbreviation name"Min", which is from the original native people who lived to this land 2-3 thousand years ago.They lived along the river and grew rice, keep snake as their totem. Min's photographic character "闽" also describe the habit: keep snake indoors as god.

In history, north China plain, provide very few barriers to migration, leading to relative linguistic homogeneity over the wide area in the north. In contrast, the mountains and rivers of Fujian keep some major groups Chinese languages from different dynasties with great internal diversity of old China culture.

                                                         Three Lanes and Seven Alleys(Fuzhou)     

Fuzhou: the capital city of Fujian with a history of more than 2000 years. There are: pagodas, old streets, amongst them, the famous one is the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. The city is also famous for the several cosy hot spring spas.


                                                           Dongxi Tower in Kaiyuan Temple(Quanzhou)

Quanzhou:used to be one of the largest sea port in the world 800-900 years ago. It was an import city along the maritime silk road from Asia to Europe. The city keeps one of the largest mosque in China. It is a great city to explore the authentic local street lfe with abundant culture, as well as Buddhism Temple and pogodas.

                                                              Scenery along the Coast Road(Xiamen)  

Xiamen:the famous garden city is located in the south coast of Fujian. Gulangyu, the small island contains some beautiful colonial buildings and car free.

                                                                              Wuyi Mountains

Wuyi Mountains: Mt. Wuyi has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its culture and scenic. Wuyi Mountains have a long history of tea cultivation. The tea farm route is worthy to explore when travelling there.

 6 Days Garden City & Mt.Wuyi Tour
 9 Days Fujian Charming Tour
 14 Days South China Holiday
 4 days Quanzhou/Tulou/Xiamen
 3 days Tea farming area and Tulou Hakka building
 3 days Xiamen and Tulou Hakka Building
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